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Feels like Point “Point Break” !

Day 9 in India (still in Canacona, Goa)

sunny 32 °C

Today was our best beach day EVER !
My last swim ended up with crazy, nearly surfable, waves... and if it wasn't for the fact that there was 2 other Irish guys close to me in the water, I would have never gone that far in the sea to play in the waves! So happy I had the chance to do it. Waves were so high that, when the water was calm, I had water until my waist. When the big waves were coming, they stood about 1 meter above my shoulder!
So I just jumped in every time, “catching” the wave. After the first one, I looked at the Irish guy and I said “MAN, IT FEELS LIKE THE MOVIE 'POINT BREAK' !!!”, ecstatic. What a blast.

We ended up the evening chatting with 3 German girls, laughing, drinking a few beers (one bottle of 650 ml Kingfisher beer, local equivalent of Molson Ex, goes for 80 Indian Rupees... about 1,50 $ !) and learning bad words in German ! Up to now, this was my best day in India.


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Goa ? Go South !

(Day 6 in India)

sunny 33 °C

We took off from our unhospitable host. We crossed the state of Goa from North to South in a non air-conditionned (air-con like they say here) car. Took us about 2 hours. We are now in Patnem Beach, near the small town of Canacona.

This is where all the cows are. On OUR beach! Hahaha!
I was expecting smooth walks in the sands... I had crazy shoes on slalom walk to avoid cow poo!
It's not that bad though... Locals regularly pick up the cow dong and use it as combustible (still don't know why though)...

Big waves, and I dipped my toes in the Arabian Sea. Amazing shells too, like I've never seen before!
And the sand is incredibly fine and soft. And there are palm trees everywhere. Only missing thing, is the sound of peacocks signing in the sunset, but eh... it's still better than Nerul !

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Goa? Go where?

storm 33 °C
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We took a plane to Dabolim (Goa) airport today.
We were supposed to be Couchsurfing at Saurabh's until Oct 10th, but right after we came back from dinner, he greeted us with the news that we have to be out by the end of the day on Friday, as he has visitors coming in on Saturday. Crap! Sou got on her phone with Brian, her Goan contact so he could help us find a place to get out of here ASAP, because, to be honest, I was majorly angry. After having a drink with our host and tried to make some sense out of it all, and getting not even anything close to a “I'm sorry” from him, I just decided it wasn't worth it to stay awake and chit-chat as if nothing happened. So I went to bed.

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Mumbai day 3 (Oct 2)

Dirty street water in my mouth. Ew.

storm 30 °C
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Very few holy cows, and I still don't understand people saying that the smell would kill us. OK, it doesn't smell like roses, but what city does, really?

Other adventure: I almost lost consciousness in a traffic jam last night due to over-inhalations of exhaust fumes, and I was also greeted by some dirty street water splashing from a passing “auto” (how they call “rickshaws” here). Can you believe that, even in a car (with the window open, but still!), a passing vehicle splashes so much that I actually got some dirty street water in my face (and probably some droplets in my MOUTH)? It's been nearly 24 hours now, so if any harm had to come from this, I think it would already be felt. Yay for that.

We also went shopping to some Indian stores to try to get some clothes without having to go to a tailor. MAJOR FAIL. I see chubby Indian ladies everywhere, yet, where do they find their clothes? Big question, no answer for the moment. Only one observation: chubby = saree (the long piece of clothes they wrap to make a skirt then throw on their shoulder), skinny = kurti (the long tunic worn with pants).

We booked our plane tickets to Goa – because trains have to be booked so long in advance that we missed our chance to get tickets – and just between the time I got my ticket and we went back online to get Sou's, the price almost doubled! Darn.

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Mumbai Day 2 (Oct 1)

all seasons in one day 31 °C
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First CouchSurfing host met.
Saurabh, where we will be living from Oct 3 to Oct 10, was in Mumbai and we had drinks & dinner with him. He took us to Leopold Cafe, one of the place that was attacked with hand grenade during the Mumbai terrorists attacks, a few years back. It felt strange to be in this place, knowing what happened there, and seeing life continuing, even after such sad events happened. Apparently, the owner re-opened only 2 days after the attack. Courage is the word in this case.

We ended that with a dinner at restaurant Olympia. Typical Indo-muslim restaurant. Typical Indo-muslim customers & staff. And typical awkward moment. We were the only women in the restaurant... and therefore, the main attraction... Staff coming out of the kitchen to watch us eat and all. Lucky for us, Saurabh took care of the order – which was excellent! - and the talking part... and the bill part.
And I'm not even mentioning the dirty spoon, scratched with love by a dirty nail to clean it, before it was given to me by our waiter. My immune system is gonna be so strong...

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