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77 days !!! (Superstition Special!)

Happy Friday the 13th !

sunny 23 °C

In order to celebrate this Friday the 13th, the last one before we leave, here are a few superstitions from countries we plan on visiting:

-Buying metal or leather on Saturday brings bad luck.
-Sneezing 3 times when someone leaves home for work brings bad luck. Sneezing a 4th time will cancel the "curse".
-Bumping your head with someone's head means a black dog will bite you. Doing it a 2nd time will cancel the bad luck.
-If a girl eats directly from the cooking pan while cooking a meal, it will rain on her wedding.
-Seeing an elephant is good luck; seeing and hearing a peacock song is bad.
-A string of lemon and peppers hanging at the entrance of a house or shop chases the evil eye.

-You shouldn’t be whistling in a house
-You shouldn’t go forward on a road without hurling three stones across if you see a cat cross that road first
-You shouldn’t leap over a broom
-Monday – cannot buy new clothes
-Tuesday – if you’re going out of town, you shouldn’t come back on Saturday
-Wednesday – you shouldn’t be buying cooking oil
-Thursday – if you are a woman who’s not a widow, you shouldn’t be washing your hair
-Friday – you shouldn’t be eating meat
-Saturday – if you went out of town on Tuesday, you shouldn’t come back
-Sunday – if you leave the house together as a trio, you shouldn’t be going your separate ways to separate places

-If you sneeze, it means that someone is speaking well of you.
-With certain gifts like scarves or combs, the receiver must immediately give something back to the giver - like money or other compensation - or else it's bad luck
-If it rains during a wedding, it means prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds.
-If the bowls and dishes in your house are chipped, throw them away. If you keep them, your family will get poor.
-Don’t hit your chopsticks against the bowl because it is bad luck.
-Don’t put your head where people sat because you will get dumber.
-If you dream of poop it means you will get money.

-Number 4 is bad luck
-An unmarried girl should avoid singing in the kitchen as it is believed that she will have a very late marriage.
-Shaking your legs when you sit is like kicking your wealth away
-A twitching right eye means there’s a chance of visiting someone close from far.
-A twitch on the left eye means they will cry.

THAILAND:-If you make jokes when eating a ghost will steal your rice
-Do not throw money away because you will lose your finger
-Bite your shoes before you wear them for the first time to prevent them from biting your feet
-Your finger will fall off if you point at a rainbow
-Do not taste food with a large serving spoon because it will make your child ugly

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88 days!

Below the ultimate 100 frontier...

sunny 25 °C

Less than 3 months before our departure, the rain season is now started in India.
When we land, we'll be treated with a hot and lushy green country (maybe not in Mumbai, but in Goa, our next stop, should be a treat!)
Wonder if we'll go to Cow Beach, in Goa...
Cow Beach, Goa, India

Cow Beach, Goa, India

This is now the time to put my backpack on a severe diet. Exit the extra swimsuit, my (awesome and brand) new one should do it.
Exit the shoe powder for smelly sneakers (I guess we'll be much closer to one another after this trip!).
Exit the soft shell jacket as we should be in Nepal earlier than expected and it shouldn't be that cold.

I also started a very precise analysis and monitoring of my contact lenses solution usage, as the bottles are big, bulky and a tad heavy.

Goal : 15 kg (33 lbs) or less...

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110 days... and counting...

It's been a quiet crazy week...

sunny 19 °C

In about 3 months and 3 weeks from now, summer will be in its last warm days, we'll put away the air-conditionning unit from the windows and start put away summer clothes... BUT NOT US! :) (well not for the winter clothes, but I will have to remove the window-shaker A/C from my bedroom...)

Within the next 3 months and few weeks, we will be seeing our coworkers go on vacation and come back, Souhere will go through her Ramadan, I will sweat this summer off and Montreal will be filled with music, festivals and tourists... We will go get our Indian visas ready somewhere in August and we'll start changing some Canadian dollars into Indian Rupees...

This Thursday, we proceed with the 1st round of 3 weeks of shots against Japanese encephalitis - a mosquito transmitted virus that makes your brain swell... charming! - and Rabies - as we expect a lot of encounters with lost dogs, crazy monkeys and holy cows - in order to get ourselves as protected as we can. We'll be leaving with a hand-luggage full of meds against malaria, cholera, traveller's diarrhea (the so-called Delhi Belly!), yet there is one thing I know we will face for which there are no shots or pills whatsoever.


In every way we can think of. Becoming the (visible) minority. Sleeping in different rooms and beds every few days. Being surrounded by over 20 different languages and not understanding any of them but one. Seeing the cleanliness level I'm used to drop to a significantly lower standard. Being immersed in one of the most religious and mystical countries in the world while being atheist. Seeing poverty on the faces of kids that would be happy with half of what people considered poor here have. Getting that look like I'm either a walking ATM or a North American woman with loose morals (can't blame them when all they see of us is mostly from HBO). Smelling the best and the worst simultaneously. Having no idea what's in my plate, what it tastes like or how spicy it is. Banning my left hand from most of my manners. Not being able to brush my teeth with tap water or in the shower, during which it is highly recommended to close your eyes and mouth, just in case. Having to disinfect my drinking water ½ hour in advance. Feeling akward for not being too sure on how to greet, thank or interact with locals.

And what if we get used to it? What if we get so into it that we have to break the habits when we come back, at the risk of looking like complete unadapted beings? How many times, after we come back, will I wake up in the middle of the night in the dark of my bedroom and wonder, for a minute "In which city am I again?" before realizing I'm actually back home.

Happy Sunday and hope you enjoyed the premier of True Blood fifth season on... HBO. ;)

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♫ It's raining men, hallelujah... ♫ (118 days to go)

This weather and the upcoming summer makes me want to get out of Montreal !

rain 13 °C

It's been over a year since we started dreaming of that trip.
It's been 11 month since our leave was accepted at work.
It's been 10 months since my Dad and I went shopping for my backpacking gear.
It's been 7 ½ months since my last vacations in Yucatan, Mexico.
It's been over 2 months since we booked our one-way ticket, Montreal-Mumbai.
It's been over 1 month since we bought Sou's backpacking gear.
It's been a few days since we made our hostel reservation for Mumbai at the Sapphire Residency, in the Andheri neighborhood.
Yet, it feels like forever since I had some kind of a get away.

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1st Hostel booked in Mumbai !!!

123 days to go... this is getting more & more real !

sunny 16 °C

In 4 months, we will be staying at the Hotel Sapphire Residency in the Andheri neighborhood of Mumbai...
4 nights in a 2 guest private room for 141 $... welcome to India !

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